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Dress drop off location: 

The Destiny Center

2350 E. Mayfield Rd

Arlington, TX 76014


Belle of the Ball

Meaning - The most attractive woman at a social gathering.

Origin This phrase is, of course, 'the belle of the ball', not 'the bell of the ball', as it is sometimes incorrectly spelled. A ball is of course a social gathering for dancing etc. ' Belle', meaning 'fair; beautiful', was adopted into English in the 17th century, from the Old French 'bele' and ultimately from the Latin 'bella'. A specific meaning, which is the one used in ' belle of the ball', was 'a lady who is the reigning beauty of a place'. ' Belle' has been, and continues to be, used in various French adjectival phrases, for example, 'belle assemblée' - brilliant assembly; 'belle dame' - fair lady; 'belle laide' - an attractively ugly woman; ' belle passion' - tender passion. The term 'belle of the ball' is of English origin.

The Belle of The Ball Foundation -

Making Prom Dreams Come True!



Ahead of her time as a Young Leader:

Rachel Renee Launches A New Foundation for Girls


An outstanding Youth Leader of today. Gifted and skilled with the following attributes to make a positive difference in any environment or team. Equipped with leadership training from the Student Leadership University (SLU), patterned after leading Fortune 500 corporate leadership seminars to include Time and Life Management, People Skills, How to Defend the Faith, Goal Setting, Servant Leadership, Dealing with Conflict and Difficult People, and Developing a Christian Worldview. This program has also allowed Rachel the opportunity to travel extensively and tour places such as London, Oxford, Normandy, Paris, Windsor and Washington D.C.

A strong community presence from volunteering resides in Rachel. Having volunteered numerous hours with the Destiny Center, Grace Outreach and The Mansion, have allowed Rachel to demonstrate her leadership skills, team building skills and fashion modeling experience. Having graduated from the fashion school of Barbizon, Rachel has been able to impart into others her experience in Video Fashion Modeling, Television Presence, Public Speaking, Personality Development, Projecting Self Confidence and Runway Techniques to name a few.

Rachel is also a part of Students Standing Strong Organization. Students Standing Strong (S3) is a student-led, non-profit and inter-denominational organization designed to encourage and motivate students to stand strong in their Christian faith. Students Standing Strong exists in order to remind students that they are not alone; there are countless other like-minded Christian students who desire to live for Jesus Christ and who are committed to holding one another accountable to the standards God has laid out in His Word.

Rachel graduated #2 in her class in 2014 from University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. Rachel graduated in with a degree in Law from the University of Alabama in 2017

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